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National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC)

Providing Strategic Services to our Partners


Overview of the NCECC
The NCECC is part of the RCMP’s National Police Services, providing services to the entire law enforcement community.

The NCECC is a national clearing house and coordination centre for all international requests to conduct investigations in Canada related to child sexual exploitation on the Internet. The NCECC helps develop policy and provides many levels of support to law enforcement investigators across Canada involved in files dealing with the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

National Training – Quick Facts

  • The Canadian Internet Child Exploitation (CAN-ICE) pilot course developed by the NCECC (through an Ontario Provincial Police secondment to the Centre) was offered to 20 participants from across Canada and one Australian in March 2005. Future CAN-ICE courses will be offered in the Fall of 2005.
  • The second annual national workshop for investigators was held in April with 75 participants representing 10 provinces and one territory, 21 police agencies, two US departments, one Interpol representative, three Canada Border Services Agency representatives, and three Crown Prosecutors.

Research and DevelopmentQuick Facts

  • The Internet Based Child Sexual Exploitation Environmental Scan has been completed. The document can be obtained by contacting Dr. Roberta Sinclair at .
  • The research and development division has begun preparing fact sheets for law enforcement, educators, parents, children, and youth that explore various areas of online sexual exploitation including how technology can be used to victimize children. A new fact sheet will be added the NCECC website each month and will cover topics such as webcams, camera phones, and peer-to-peer networks (P2P). Please visit

Strategic PartnershipsQuick Facts

  • The NCECC is committed to working with its law enforcement partners across Canada and internationally, and with government, industry, not-for-profit organizations and Internet Service Providers to protect children from online sexual exploitation.
  • Some of the NCECC partners include Industry Canada ,, Interpol, FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Virtual Global Taskforce, and the Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation.
As part of the NCECC’s goal to support all front line law enforcement officers across Canada who specialize in these types of crimes, the NCECC identifies and provides strategic services to its partners.

The following types of strategic services are available:

National Training
Research and Development
Strategic Partnerships

CommunicationsQuick Facts

  • The NCECC website was launched in Spring 2005.
  • The Centre is producing a series of brochures for law enforcement. The first was a corporate brochure that provides an overview of the NCECC. The second brochure will focus on the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS).
  • A monthly communiqué focusing on new initiatives and operational successes is provided to investigators and partners.

Secondment Opportunities – Quick Facts

  • The NCECC team members include serious crime investigators and specialized, skilled civilians dedicated to protecting the world’s children from Internet-based sexual exploitation, regardless of whether the origin is in Canada or abroad.
  • To date the NCECC has seconded officers from the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ottawa Police Service.

If your law enforcement agency is interested in secondment opportunities with the NCECC, please contact Cst. Carl Carre at (613) 949-2780.