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National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC)

Providing Operational Support to Investigators


Providing services to stakeholders -- Quick Facts

  • The NCECC functions as the point of contact for investigations related to the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet in Canada .
  • The NCECC is the main portal for all matters related to the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet that are destined for international agencies, as well as investigations and requests originating from foreign agencies that are destined for domestic partners.
  • The NCECC validates international requests and prepares and disseminates comprehensive investigational packages to the proper jurisdiction within Canada .
  • Relationships and collaborations with domestic and international partners have been established to facilitate and support on-going investigations and to provide a means of expediting sensitive and urgent requests for the legal transmission of investigative material.
Overview of the NCECC
The NCECC is part of the RCMP’s National Police Services, providing services to the entire law enforcement community.

The NCECC is a national clearing house and coordination centre for all international requests to conduct investigations in Canada related to child sexual exploitation on the Internet. The NCECC helps develop policy and provides many levels of support to law enforcement investigators across Canada involved in files dealing with the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

As part of the NCECC’s goal to support all front line law enforcement officers across Canada who specialize in these types of crimes, the NCECC identifies and provides strategic services to its partners.

The following types of strategic services are available:

National Training
Research and Development
Strategic Partnerships
  • The NCECC helps to coordinate investigations in Canada and abroad by establishing a network between law enforcement agencies across the country and the world and acting as the hub for the network
  • NCECC investigators and intelligence analysts collect intelligence and help support investigations conducted by law enforcement partners across the country.
  • The NCECC can assist law enforcement officers with legislation, treaties, extradition orders and statistics.

The NCECC works with other law enforcement agencies, NGO and the private sector to coordinate efforts in combating the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.