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Seniors Safety

Did you know that Seniors are actually less likely to be victims of violent crimes than the average population? It's true, but isolation, media sensationalism, or physical and social changes can lead to a heightened sense of vulnerability. By becoming involved in your community and participating in crime prevention programs, you can reduce the risks and feel more confident in your safety.

Despite low levels of violent crime, criminals often regard older people as easy targets for many other kinds of crimes including burglary and con games. Every elderly person should be aware of these crimes and how to prevent them.




Preventing Burglaries
Avoiding Crime on the Street
Con Games and Sweet-Talk Crimes
Mail Fraud Schemes
National Frauds and Scams Alerts


There is evidence that some people who have been victimized are too embarrassed to report the incident to the authorities. For your own well-being and to help others from becoming victims, if you have been victimized (or think you have been) report the cirumstances immediately to your local police .

Many RCMP Detachments support or administer programs specifically designed to ensure the safety of Senior Citizens. Contact your local detachment for details on programs available in your area.