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RCMP Canso Detachment

230 Main Street, P.O. Box 187
Canso, Nova Scotia B0H 1H0
Telephone #: (902) 366-2440
Fax #: (902) 366-3323

Canso, Nova Scotia was founded in 1604, making it the "Oldest Fishing Port on Mainland North America." Today the fisheries remain an important part of the community, providing employment for a large portion of residents. The Canso area is a vibrant community with many modern amenities that are often absent in area’s twice its size. Canso is also part of a unique geological formation known as the "Canso Barrens." Lying along the Chedabucto Bay, it consists of numerous gravel beaches, small lagoons and salt water marshes excellent for hiking, nature observation, photography and water activities. Residents are warm and friendly, exhibiting the finest in maritime hospitality.

Established in 1977, Canso Detachment is situated on the most eastern point of mainland Nova Scotia and is located 48 miles from the Trans Canada Highway, on Highway #16.


The members of Canso Detachment serve approximately 4,000 residents in the Town of Canso and a large portion of Guysborough County. The area is comprised of several small communities, including Halfway Cove, Peasbrook, Queensport, Phillips Harbour, Half Island Cove, Fox Island, Whitehead, Port Felix, Charlos Cove, Hazel Hill, Little Dover and Cole Harbour. Each of these communities have their own unique cultures and needs.

The majority of law enforcement issues in the area centre around enforcement of the Criminal Code, Liquor Control Act, Motor Vehicle Act, and a variety of Provincial Statutes and Municipal By-Laws. As part of their duties, RCMP officers use police vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and a coastal patrol boat.

Community Programs

Members of the Canso Detachment are very involved in their community and take part in several sponsored groups and programs. If you are interested in any of the programs detailed below, please contact us!

Adopt-a-Library Literacy Program - In partnership with the Canso Town library, Canso RCMP have initiated a program rewarding children from a treasure chest for reading a particular number of books. The goal is to increase literacy in our communities.

Citizens on Patrol (Chedabucto Action Society) - This "Citizens on Patrol" Program for the Highway #16 area (from Halfway Cove to Half Island Cove) is driven by a dedicated group of people eager to help make their communities a safe place to live.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) - This seventeen-week program teaches grade five students drug abuse and resistance strategies which emphasize awareness of peer pressure, avoiding violence and self-esteem issues.

Eastern Guysborough County Crime Awareness Committee - This group of community volunteers meet several times a year to discuss policing and crime issues and sponsor events and programs that ensure a safe community. Most recently a "Safe Walking Program" was established, where reflective armbands are for sale at wholesale cost to area residents.

E astern Communities Youth Association (E.C.Y.A) - A volunteer group overseeing programming and activities for youth in Eastern Guysborough County. ECYA runs an established Youth Center and assist in many aspects of recreation and leisure activities for youth of all ages.

Youth Advisory Council - A group of young people who meet several times a year to discuss concerns or policing issues from their viewpoint. This program fosters a positive relationship between the youth and police.