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Annapolis County

Middleton Office
P.O. Box 1420,
131 Commercial Street
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
T: 902-825-2000

Bridgetown Office
552 Granville Street P.O. Box 340
Bridgetown, NS BOS 1CO
Ph: 902-665-4481
Fax: 902-665-2822

The Annapolis County Detachment is situated in the heart of the Annapolis Valley and is comprised of RCMP offices in Middleton and Bridgetown. In addition to its main RCMP offices, the Detachment also provides services through an extended policing agreement at a community office in Cornwallis Park. Covering over 3,196 square kilometres, the Annapolis County Detachment has the distinction of covering the largest geographic area in the province.


Using the Bridgetown office as its main working centre, the Annapolis County Detachment is home to 21 RCMP members, a Street Crime Enforcement Unit, a full-time Community Program Officer, and a full time Seniors’ Safety Coordinator, and a full time Community Safety Resource Officer. The Detachment also has four community volunteers trained to assist members on patrol as RCMP Auxiliary members. Highway enforcement services are augmented by members from the Annapolis Valley Traffic corridor.

In addition to a wide variety of community-based initiatives, the majority of police work in this area typically centres on Criminal Code investigations such as breaking & entering, theft, assault, fraud, domestic violence and drugs.

Community Programs

The RCMP in Annapolis County are committed to community-based policing and work in partnership with residents to address their needs. With this in mind, the detachment offers a number of proactive crime prevention services.

Annapolis County Seniors’ Safety Program - Annapolis County Detachment is proud to have developed and implemented the first Seniors’ Safety Program which has since been adopted by detachments across the country. The Annapolis County Seniors’ Safety Program is designed to enhance the well being of our residents through education and awareness of health and safety issues. Read more

Community Program Officer - The Community Program Officer (CPO) is a response by the Municipality of the County of Annapolis and the Annapolis District of the RCMP to address these priorities. The CPO is a community hired employee managed by the RCMP. The position is tasked with delivering RCMP programs and with creating programs where there is a hole in service delivery. Read More

Community Safety Resource Officer - The Annapolis County District RCMP Detachment as part of its comprehensive Crime Reduction Strategy, have instituted the position of Community Safety Resource Officer on a pilot basis.

The Community Safety Resource Officer will conduct the following duties to enhance the well being of clients and Members within the County through education and awareness of community safety issues. Read More

Bully Hotline - This program offers our youth alternatives. Students being bullied or knowing of a victim are encouraged to contact us -- we’re here to listen. Those needing to talk can call us at 310-TALK (8255), a 24-hour call service dedicated to helping victims of bullying.

Auxiliary Program - The detachment currently has four Auxiliary Constables trained in basic police duties. These volunteers serve their communities by supporting regular members in operational policing capacities, including community crime prevention and crowd control. Applicants for this program are welcome and can be made by contacting the Detachment directly.

Citizens on Patrol (Cornwallis and Annapolis Co.)

M.A.D.D. (Annapolis Valley Chapter) - RCMP Annapolis County is proud to partner with the Annapolis Valley chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Joint projects include Project Red Ribbon, the Highway 101 project and a variety of youth-oriented education initiatives.

Neighbourhood Watch - The Neighbourhood Watch program is aimed at reducing crime in the community. Neighbours working together through Neighbourhood Watch can combat crime in their area through patrols. Community members may better recognize a stranger inside your yard or an unusual vehicle in your neighbourhood.

Restorative Justice Forums - These forums provide alternatives to youth in conflict with the law. The program focuses on holding the offender accountable, repairing harm caused by the offence, reintegrating the offender back into the community, and bringing a sense of healing to the community and victim. In Annapolis County Restorative Justice is facilitated by the Mayor of Bridgetown, Mr. Ron Gullon, who works as volunteer with our Detachment on this initiative.