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RCMP Fact Sheets

About the RCMP

Corporate Facts HTML | PDF (260KB)

The RCMP's History HTML | PDF (260KB)

The Guidon of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police HTML

35th Anniversary of Female Regular Members in the RCMP HTML | PDF (149KB)

Programs and Services

Aboriginal Policing HTML | PDF (34KB)

Aboriginal Shield Program - Spring and Summer 2007 HTML | PDF (37KB)

Air Services HTML | PDF (108KB)

Badges and Insignia HTML | PDF (37KB)

Biology Services HTML | PDF (33KB)

Border Integrity Program HTML | PDF (32KB)

Cadet Training Program HTML

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) HTML | PDF (36KB)

Canadian Integrated Ballistics Identification Network (CIBIN) HTML | PDF (32KB)

Canadian Police College HTML | PDF (104KB)

Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) HTML | PDF (76KB)

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Sector HTML | PDF (119KB)

Commercial Crime HTML | PDF (265KB)

Conducted Energy Weapon HTML

Contract Policing HTML | PDF (279 KB)

Counterfeit bank notes and documents HTML | PDF (270KB)

Customs and Excise Program HTML | PDF (145KB)

Explosives Disposal and Technology Section (EDTS) HTML | PDF (122KB)

Firearms and Toolmark Identification Section HTML | PDF (151KB)

Forensic Identification Services HTML | PDF (29KB)

Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) Program| HTML

Immigration and Passport HTML | PDF (31KB)

Incident Management Intervention Model (IMIM) | HTML

Indian Residential Schools HTML | PDF (139KB)

Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Teams (ICETS) HTML | PDF (150KB)

Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs) | HTML

International Operations Branch HTML | PDF (285KB)

International Peace Operations Branch HTML | PDF (107KB)

International Police Training HTML | PDF (35KB)

International Policing HTML | PDF (94KB)

International Travel and Visits Branch HTML | PDF (279KB)

Interpol HTML | PDF (94KB)

Musical Ride and Equitation HTML | PDF (77KB)

National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau (NACB) HTML | PDF (141KB)

National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC) HTML | PDF (42KB)

National DNA Data Bank HTML

National Missing Children Services (NMCS) HTML | PDF (37KB)

National Sex Offender Registry: Helping Police Services Investigate Crimes of a Sexual Nature HTML | PDF (153KB)

National Ports Strategy HTML | PDF (75KB)

Notifying Next of Kin HTML | PDF (29KB)

Organized Crime HTML | PDF (127KB)

Paint Data Query (PDQ) HTML | PDF (35KB)

Parliament Hill Detachment | HTML

Police Dog Services HTML | PDF (143KB)

Proceeds of Crime HTML | PDF (140KB)

Protective Policing Services HTML | PDF (261KB)

Real Time Identification (RTID) HTML | PDF (276KB)

School Action for Emergencies Program (SAFE) | HTML

Serious Crime and Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System (ViCLAS) HTML | PDF (33KB)

Technical Operations HTML | PDF (254KB)

Technological Crime HTML | PDF (102KB)

Toxicology Services HTML | PDF (154KB)

Traffic Services HTML | PDF (78KB)

Youth Officer Resource Centre | HTML

Youth, Providing support, direction and protection for... HTML | PDF (44KB)