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Staying safe when using the Internet, cellular phones or webcams

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Here are some easy things that you can do to stay safe when using the Internet, cell phones or webcams:

Monitor Online Activity

  • Report any suspicious online activity to
  • If someone you don't know approaches you or makes you feel uncomfortable online, tell your parents and do not write to them
  • Never meet anyone in person who you have met online without your parents' permission
  • Do not buy or accept gifts from anyone you meet online
  • Never call anyone you met online
  • If you are unsure about something ask your parent or guardian
  • Remember that the people you meet online may not be who they say they are
  • Make sure that an adult is nearby when chatting on the Internet
  • Always check with your parents before entering a chat room and tell your parents about your online friends
  • If something online is making you feel uncomfortable there may be a good reason for you to leave that Internet location and tell someone about it
  • Share e-mail addresses of people you write to with your parents
  • Remember that nothing you write on the web or email is completely private
  • Immediately delete unknown e-mail attachments without opening them as they can contain harmful viruses

Ensure Your Anonymity

  1. Don't give out or post any personal information such as your name, home address, school name and telephone number
  2. Use a nickname and never tell people your real name
  3. Don't post personal information on your profile
  4. Pick a password that is hard for others to guess and never share it with anyone except your parents

Do Not Share or Post Personal Photos and Take Webcam Precautions

  • Do not post pictures of yourself or anyone else to the Internet
  • Remember that any photos you post online or send to people can be used without your knowledge or permission
  • Think carefully about where you put your webcam - do not put it in a location that would give away any personal information about you or your family
  • Always unplug or cover your webcam when it is not in use
  • Be aware that laptops often have built in webcams that are the size of a pinhole
  • Many cell phones come with build in cameras (still and video), are wired and may come with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and can be manipulated by an outside user

Go to for more information on the safe use of webcams, online chats and camera phones.