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Marihuana Grow Operations - Nova Scotia

Address City Prov Location Type Quantity & Type Date
144 Fox Point Front Rd Hubbards NS Residence 16 marihuana plants 2010-11-16
203B-35 Veronica Dr Halifax NS Residence 14 marihuana plants 2010-10-22
7 Lakefront Dr Lake Echo NS Residence 530 marihuana plants 2010-12-17
2600 Mount Hanley Rd Mount Hanley NS Residence & Outbuildings 98 marihuana plants 2010-12-08
411 Bluewater Rd Bedford NS Business 376 marihuana plants 2011-02-20
9322 4 Hwy Tracadie NS Residence 28 marihuana plants 2011-03-07
42 Lakeview Rd Lakeview NS Residence 199 marihuana plants 2011-02-18
46 Fieldwood Cir Cole Harbour NS Residence 30 marihuana plants 2011-03-12
384 & 388 Robinson Rd Indian Brook NS Residence & Outbuildings 139 marihuana plants 2011-05-03


The addresses posted may have, at one time, been the address at which a marijuana grow operation and/or a clandestine laboratory may have been located. While the RCMP has made all reasonable efforts to be accurate, this information is not warrantied. Some addresses may have been erroneously included in this list. If there is an address which has been erroneously included on this list, please advise the site administrator as soon as possible so that the issue may be addressed.

This is also not intended to be an exhaustive list of all addresses at which the RCMP is aware that marijuana grow operations and/or clandestine laboratories have been located. This list should not be relied upon for such purposes. It is always best to independently verify the accuracy of such information and to not rely on the information provided.

It is important to be aware that the linking of an address to a possible marijuana grow operation and/or a clandestine laboratory does not necessarily impute knowledge by either the occupants or the owner of the dwelling.

This list is for information purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon by any individuals. The RCMP will accept neither liability nor damages by any person who rely upon this information to their detriment.


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