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What is the marihuana grow initiative (MGI)?

The MGI is the RCMPs national response to combating the prevalence of marihuana production in Canada being run and exploited by organized crime groups. This initiative will inform Canadians about the consequences, inherent hazards and destructive impacts these activities and criminals have on community well being.

Based on three key components: Enforcement, Deterrence and Awareness, this plan outlines how the RCMP will work with partners, organizations and community members to help prevent and reduce the presence of illegal marihuana grow operations across Canada.

Why is it important?

Criminal organizations and street gangs are financed through the illegal production, trafficking and exportation of marihuana. Marihuana grow operations increase criminal activity in your neighborhood and they put you and your family at risk.

There are many individual and community health and safety concerns with the existence of marihuana grow operations in your neighborhood. Dangers include: drug impaired driving, drug endangered children, violent home invasions, fires, hydro thefts, decreased property values along with other additional economic costs and other health and safety risks.

Together, we can be successful through this new collaborative marihuana grow strategy in making our neighborhoods safer.

How will it work?

The MGIs three key components outline specific goals and attainable/sustainable actions.

Enforcement Strategy

  • Enhance collaboration between Law Enforcement and Government Agencies
  • Develop intelligence-led capacity through enhanced training, improved technologies and the effective deployment of resources.

Deterrence Strategy

  • Promote and support changes to legislation and regulations that discourage people from engaging in illegal activities related to marihuana.

Awareness Strategy

  • Work collaboratively with government and non-government agencies, community leaders and the general public to inform Canadians about the illicit marihuana industry, its impacts on our society and legitimate economy.

How can you help?

You can anonymously supply information about a suspected marihuana grow operation, by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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