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Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS)

In 2005, the Federal and International Operations Directorate, both Drug Branch and Organized Crime Branch, aligned their awareness services forming the Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS).

Mission Statement

The RCMP Drugs & Organized Crime Awareness Service (DOCAS) is committed through partnerships in making communities safer and healthier by providing all Canadians with the tools needed to meaningfully reduce substance use/abuse and organized crime related problems.

DOCAS is committed by:

  • Engaging communities by promoting the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices in providing Canadians with the skills and information needed to make educated and informed decisions.
  • Providing leadership through the coordination of drug awareness and prevention programs/initiatives that support supply and demand reduction.
  • Improving Canadians’ understanding of the reach and influence of organized crime and its impacts on individuals and society as a whole.
  • Mobilizing the Canadian public to become a significant partner of Canadian law enforcement to effectively combat and reduce the influence of organized crime in Canada.