The Simple Guide to Extending Your Home

We’re all well aware of the reasons as to why many individuals think about extending their house. This choice may be instead of moving or just a choice made in isolation of some other alternatives. There are lots of reasons as to why extensions make more economic sense compared to shifting. The expenses attributed to this procedure may include stamp duty, legal fees and other associated fees and costings. This is all money simply lost in the process. When calculations of such costs are made there is often a clear alternative to prevent these and to still obtain the extra living room needed. Where do you start?

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Why Consider Green Building Design


Green building design is currently the most used phrase in the building community because it’s increasingly leading the modern day building policies in the western world. Unlike traditional homes, the aim of green structure is to tackle many aspects like energy conservation and decrease in water consumption together with smart utilization of renewable energy sources … Read moreWhy Consider Green Building Design