Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company is a luxury custom home builder who understands that clients have their own dreams for their future home. That’s the reason in Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company, we work together with the client to help them reach their custom built dream home. Whether you’ve got pictures of ideas you prefer and have to work with our architect, or patterns already attracted, we are a home builder who will work with you to make sure your custom home turns out the way you had envisioned while keeping it within your budget. We’ll work with you through the procedure with personalized support, which is a staple of Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Business.

When you find the cabinets, fixtures, moldings, doors, windows, and counters, you start to comprehend the care, detail, and care Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company pours into every aspect of each project. It is because we realize we are not just building another home; we are building your dream.

Throughout the whole process you participate, providing direction and input to our talented group of home builders and craftsmen, making the building process convenient, exciting, and private.

In the continuous search for quality, durability, performance, and sustainability, we’ve become a pioneer in the “green building movement.” It’s our view that “green” not only means a more energy efficient, eco friendly, and healthier home, but more importantly the aspects that create the green construction paradigm as a whole result in a stronger, longer lasting, less maintenance, and overall high quality home.

Green building heavily utilizes the plan of upfront planning, which is not as costly than delays during construction. This component ensures that building goes smoother with less delays. A home also requires many calculations to make sure it functions as a system, rather than individual pieces. The upfront planning makes sure that all of the calculations of a home properly correlate to the other pieces.

We also offer our customers the special ability to log on our site for specific information on their home. Our clients have the capability to do this both before and after construction. Before construction, you have the ability to see the improvement from a couple of diverse standpoints. Pictures will be uploaded as the home progresses so that you can see you can monitor your new homes advancement remotely, which is particularly helpful for our out of state clients. You can even log in to post collections, or review the changes you’ve asked along the way to monitor the updated budget for your home. After building, homeowners may ask questions through their log-in or submit a job order for warranty problems.

The client login page was developed to support the client as best as possible, and keep within reach the information regarding their custom home that they might need at a moment’s notice.

Everything we do at Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company first starts with keeping the customer happy. There are several choices already involved with moving, so you want a home builder that you can trust and rely on to keep you engaged.

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