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Choose Northern Canada's Environmental Construction Company.

Building & Construction

We at Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company provides first-class quality design and construction at Very affordable cost.

Energy Efficient

A dependable way to build a new home that suits you perfectly. You can construct one of our pre-designed energy efficient house plans.


Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company (NCECC) provides maintenance services for Condominiums & Townhouses

Environmental Solution

NCECC is a leader in technical and financial strategies, helping the world’s top corporates and governments understand their effect on the planet.

High Quality Design Build Environmental Construction Company

Welcome to Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company where you will find a broad selection of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.

The cause of building greener homes is really quite important. We will need to live more gently on the ground, because the degradation of our environment is endangering not only our survival, but the survival of many other living beings on Earth. We can’t ignore the impact we have on the planet’s ecosystems. How we live, the choices we make in providing for our needs, will have an enormous influence on the quality of life of people who will follow us. Now’s the time to take responsibility for the outcome of our own life styles!

How we build our homes, both in design and selection of materials, is among the most crucial ways that we can impact our future. A lot of the concern boils down to the use of energy. How much energy is embodied in the building materials themselves, in their transport and assembling? Then once the home is constructed, how much energy does it have to maintain its inhabitants comfortable? Consumption of energy has a direct influence on environmental quality, due to the inherent pollution through greenhouse gasses and other emissions. Then there’s the loss of natural beauty, ecosystems and fundamental resources related to the extraction of fossil fuels and construction materials. The combined effect of this is shocking.

There are some very easy techniques to design homes that need very little energy to keep them comfy. Using organic, non-industrial substances, will enhance the energy equation when constructing. Examining other cultures can offer many tips for beauty, energy efficiency and proper use of materials.

Northern Canada’s Environmental Construction Company provides a means to communicate with, and learn from, many different experts from the many fields related to the website. You’re encouraged to ask questions and read the answers to others’ questions. More comprehensive consulting is also available.

There’s much valuable information out there, but it’s difficult to find it all in one place. You now have available at your fingertips a wealth of information.



Choosing the Best Environmental Home Builder

Nowadays a lot of men and women are “going green”, meaning they’re getting to be environmentally friendly in the way they live their own lives and minimizing the injury done to the ground. When some people today opt to construct their own home from the ground upward, they choose to get a green home builder construct their own home.

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